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Our Mobile Applications


MobyShield is your armour against virus, malware, spam and much more. As a single solution to multiple problems, MobyShield provides security against everything unwanted on your mobile device.

Safe Browser

A perfect browser for your mobile device that ensures internet safety for your kids and also monitors the usage. Faster and safer browsing on those long road trips to keep the kids entertained and to map the directions.

Safe Parent

A good and efficient way to protect and manage your kid's digital activity. Protect your kids online & understand how they use the device, apps, and the web, you can set up content filtering & monitoring, block porn & adult apps, track child’s location.

SOS- Be Safe

A much needed application for the security of women and the elderly. In case of emergency, send your whereabouts to your friends and family in a quick, easy and effective way.

Where Are You

This simple application helps you and your family stay connected throughout the day. Your loved ones can see your whereabouts on a private map and know that you're safe.

Expense Reporter

A quick and easy way to record all expenses on a business trip or holiday. Record the expense under a specified category and attach it to an image of the receipt. No more collecting and filing receipts.

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